The Plunge

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.01.04 PMJeff is the founding editor of, a website for grooms. (Jeff has never been a groom.)  He has written over 100 articles on weddings, bachelor parties, and the guy’s perspective on the engagement.

Since its launch, The Plunge has over 1.2 million unique visits and 3.7 million page views. Jeff’s advice from The Plunge has been nationally syndicated, via McClatchy News Services, to hundreds of newspapers including the LA Times, Baltimore Sun, and Chicago Tribune.

You can find a monster list of archives here.

A few highlights:

20 Rules for Fantasy Football and, Oddly, Wedding Planning

How to be Romantic without Being a Dweeb

What Counts as Cheating at Your Bachelor Party?

Dos and Don’ts for Giving a Best Man Toast

How “Wedding Porn” is Brainwashing Your Fiancée


Jeff’s advice column fielded questions from grooms, groomsmen, and even brides.  One bride actually wrote in to tell him “You saved my marriage!”  (Plenty of other people write in to say “I hate you.”)

Here’s a sample Q&A.