Jeff is a writer and a life coach.

Okay, so he’s not a life coach. But he is a nationally-syndicated writer and the author of The Maxims of Manhood, a collection of essays about being a guy.

His writing has appeared in print or online in GQ, New York magazine, GlamourVH1Esquire, mental_floss, The Huffington PostMTVLos Angeles TimesChicago TribuneThe Miami HeraldThe Baltimore SunDetroit Free Press, and New York Daily News.

The topics? It varies. He tends to cover relationships and the “guy’s perspective,” but he has also written about film, travel, monks, architecture, books, fashion (not that he’s fashionable–see above t-shirt), sneak attacks of World War II, how to pick champagne, the intersection of math and magic, Finland’s school system, and the shortcomings of General Custer.

He is likely the only person alive to have written for both GQ and The Knot.  His TV appearances, where he occasionally pops up as the token male, have ranged from BBC News to the Tyra Banks Show. Business and marketing stuff? Sure, he does that too, providing customer-segmentation insights to a +$1 billion publishing company.

It'sOkaytoSleepWithHimReSizeJeff has a new book. It’s a dating book. Specifically, it’s a He Said / She Said book, co-written with Andrea Syrtash, that tackles the absurdity of “dating rules.”  The title: It’s Okay to Sleep with Him on the First Date: And Every Other Rule of Dating, Debunked.  (Click here to send hate mail.)  But it’s not really a book about hooking up. And it’s not saying that anyone should or shouldn’t hook up on the first date–that’s the point. It’s a dating book for people who hate dating books, basically encouraging the reader to ignore all the “experts.” Book’s tagline: Don’t trust the rules. Trust yourself.

Jeff is also the founding editor of, the primary website for grooms. (Jeff has never been a groom.) His relationship advice from The Plunge has been syndicated via McClatchy to a network of more than two hundred newspapers. Esquire has called him a “Marriage Guru.” (Jeff has never been married.) He’s cited as a “Relationship Expert,” although his ex-girlfriends might disagree.

Jeff’s second book was published in 2011 by HarperCollins, addressing a hard-hitting issue that has a significant impact on couples everywhere: The Man Cave.

He can’t tan.